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Social Networking sites:
FaceBook	My Space	Orkut
Twitter	Linked In	Class mates
Wiki pedia list of social networking sites

Test your Internet connection speed at Speedtest.net

Home computer security tips from Sify
Second life a virtual world
Short Stories

Search engines

Google		Live Search (MSN)
Kartoo		Search
Hobot		About
Iwon		India Findouter
Altavista	All the web	
Yahoo Search	Complete planet
Abboo Web Directory	ask
Excite	Abiz Web Directory
123khoj India Search Engine and Web Directory 

Change the default search engine in Internet Explorer
Change the default search engine in Internet Explorer


SMTP Auth settings in most email programs

XML site map generator

XML site map generator

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools Search engine optimizing Stars Universe Today Nine Planets Solar Views Solar System Nasa Telescope Space Isro Hubble site Space future Astro Central Split screen from Microsoft Silver light from Microsoft a browser plug in for .net cross platform and cross browser