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Major ISP's and portals maintain abuse department. They will take complaints
on all types of internet crime and protect the users. 

The main areas are as follows.

1.Spamming 2.Spoofing 3. Scam 4. Fraud 5. Threatning/abusing 
6. Virus 7. Hacking 8.spyware 9. copyright 10. pronography etc.

All these are inter related to each other. 
Like virus can send spam, spoofing is used to send spam etc.

Abuse department will use several tools and procedures to track the crime. 
Like Redsing message/email headers to track the source, 
analyzing firewall logs, analyzing server/website logs, 
analyzing network traffic, IP whois/location tracking etc.

Click here or Here to findout abuse contact details for any domain.

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